Enjoué Exquisite Napolitano Espresso




Naples, Italy

Leading up to World War II, drinking coffee was an important part of Naples. Coffee came to Naples late compared to other major Italian cities. When it first arrived in the late eighteenth century, in fact, the superstitious population considered coffee to be bad luck. Now, Naples is one of the coffee culture capitals of the world. The Napoletano is a domestic coffee maker that is comprised of three sections. The bottom is filled with water; the middle contains finely ground coffee, and the top is an upside-down serving pot. After the water is boiled on a stove, the entire contraption is flipped over to let the water filter through the grounds into the pot. While the 1901 invention of the espresso machine revolutionized the public consumption of coffee in Italy, the technology behind domestic preparation remained basically unchanged until after World War II. For many Neapolitans, it remains the preferred preparation method.


Our Napolitano

You have to experience the big, Vesuvian flavors that erupt from our Robusta beans. The coffee features a dark hazelnut color that tantalizes the eyes while the subtle sweetness and smooth texture round out the richness for a brilliantly balanced cup of coffee. Hints of wood and cocoa add a complex aroma to its bold attitude. Our Napolitano Espresso features extraordinary body tailored to perfection.

100% Robusta

Available in Ground & Beans


Traceable origins from Natural Habitats of:

  • India
  • Cameroon
  • Congo

    Artisanally Crafted

    • Single Origin Roasting
    • Degassed for up to 3 Days
    • Naturally Washed
    • Fresh - Seal Packaging