Enjoué Exquisite Nordic Mellanrost




Stockholm, Sweden

Swedes do coffee culture better than anywhere else, sipping an impressive 1.36 cups of filtered coffee per capita per day. (That's more than famous coffee-loving nations like America and New Zealand.) Those numbers result in an average of somewhere around eight cups of coffee per coffee-drinker per day; close to 7,000 cups a year. Filtered coffee reigns supreme in Sweden for good reason. The frequency with which Swedes seem to indulge in this tradition may confuse visitors, but the actual act of drinking coffee isn’t at its core. It is a long-observed social custom called “fika,” which celebrates sharing with friends, colleagues, and family over cups of coffee.


Our Nordic Mellanrost

Mysa – pronounced “mee-sah” – is how the Swedish convey coziness. This word perfectly describes our Nordic Mellanrost: light and comforting, warm, and sensuous. Not too bold but balanced and easy, with vanilla and chocolate undertones. A cardamom nose, inviting and delicate. This medium-light roast is ideal for enjoyment in those wonderful cozy moments. Mysa through and through.

Enjoue Exquisite Nordic Mellanrost

100% Arabica

Available in Ground & Beans


Traceable origins from Natural Habitats of:

  • Brazil
  • Ethiopia
  • Honduras

    Artisanally Crafted

    • Single Origin Roasting
    • Degassed for up to 3 Days
    • Naturally Washed
    • Fresh - Seal Packaging