Enjoué Milano Miscela Di Caffe




Milan, Italy

Milan has long been an inspiration on its own. For example, it is the place that inspired Howard Schultz to turn Starbucks from a coffee purveyor to a seller of lattes to the world. Milan has an intense coffee culture on really excellent caffeine. People at Italian espresso bars order and stand to drink small cups of strong espresso, for the most part. Outdoor cafes are for sitting, sipping, and talking. You don’t see people bent over their laptops. A cafe is not an office away from home.


Our Milano Miscela Di Caffe

The Milano Miscela di Caffe perfectly pleases the palate with a complementary blend of specially curated coffee beans grown in the shadow of banana and pepper trees. Full-bodied with a velvety, creamy character. Sweet and spicy. Vanilla and cocoa. Delicate and daring. Everything you want and nothing less.

80% Arabica | 20% Robusta

Available in Ground & Beans


Traceable origins from Natural Habitats of:

  • Brazil
  • Ethiopia
  • Honduras
  • Indonesia
  • India

    Artisanally Crafted

    • Single Origin Roasting
    • Degassed for up to 3 Days
    • Naturally Washed
    • Fresh - Seal Packaging