Enjoué Coffee


 Enjoué’s products are artisanally crafted by master-blenders across Europe. Our commitment to fair-trade helps serve communities and bring the best coffee experience in every sip!

Each blend is produced from the best quality beans that are traceable to its origin and habitat. Our beans are cultivated with the highest standards of farming and naturally washed.  We do not believe in burning our beans, or box our artistry into mass-producer lingoes such as light, medium, or dark roast. We believe that preserving the good natural oils and essential fats of green beans is paramount in delivering the best texture, aroma, and taste.

Our master-blenders slow roast each bean in single origins to ensure just the right amount of roast. Our roasting process takes longer, but the experience is worth it. Next, each single-origin roast is left to degas for a few days, followed by blending of different origins to provide the best coffee experience. Each coffee is then uniquely packaged in our Fresh-Seal bags to ensure long-lasting freshness and aroma.