Enjoué Hazelnut Cinnamon




Amsterdam, Netherlands

When the Dutch brew a coffee at home, they do it in a big glass pot and a filter that is meant to serve as many people as possible throughout the morning. Although this kind of coffee may not cater to the tastes of refined coffee tasters, it’s more than enough to get that caffeine fix. What’s most popular in the Netherlands are their coffee shops. Coffee shops in the Netherlands bring in people of all ages to drink coffee, unwind after work, and enjoy the evening chatting away. Recently, there has been a new trend of “instant” coffee delivered in those pre-packaged plastic pods. This kind of coffee caters nicely to the fast-paced lifestyle of the dutch. Often, you will find coffee shops with signs saying, “Coffee is Ready.” This indicates you can go in, get a coffee, and continue with your day.


Our Hazelnut Cinnamon

An appointment is made. Hazelnut and cinnamon meet at the café. They’re never late. A warm and friendly handshake. Casual and honest conversation. Interesting ideas swirl above their heads. They leave with thoughts of each other tingling in their minds. A lasting impression is made. Experience our Hazelnut Cinnamon coffee: a perfect balance of medium-light roasted beans and creamy flavors that generously allow each other to shine.

100% Arabica

Available in Ground & Beans


Traceable origins from Natural Habitats of:

  • India

    Artisanally Crafted

    • Single Origin Roasting
    • Degassed for up to 3 Days
    • Naturally Washed
    • Fresh - Seal Packaging